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October 1, 2010
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Concept Art: Maya sitting pose by CoralineCaroline Concept Art: Maya sitting pose by CoralineCaroline
It's been a while since I uploaded something my own, which was original and non fanart related, don't worry I'm still working the commission I just wanted to dump a few concept art of my original character Maya Winterfields. You'll see few being uploaded soon.

*multitask like a crazy person*

This is just a concept of Maya sitting among with the sketch included and colour scheme.

Maya Winterfields
Age: 22
Eye colour:hazel green
Hair colour: Maroonish red
Skin colour: beige
Occupations: Drama student at a performing arts college, part-time waiter at a cosplay cafe and part-time Agent.
Family: Mother and Father both deceased and Older Sister (Her name will never reveal throughout the duration of the manga, she will often call Maya up but Maya will mention her as "sis")
Likes: Wearing any type of boots, like lumber jack boots or leather boots, likes wearing scarves, drinking coffee late at night at the Rivera Cafe, the city at night on the tallest building, acting in plays, wearing EPIC Tier 5 armour and "Mass Effect" space suits/ armour, winter and autumn.
Dislikes: Short dress, acting in films, waking up early at 6:30 to go to class, spring, drunk people and being drunk herself.
Love Interest: Guy who works at her part-time work, later revealed in my manga (when I start doing more pages :|)
Friends: Well Maya see "Will SHADOW" as a friend (name later reveled in story) but he has a massive crush on her but only gets to see her every morning and every time they have a "job" or "mission". Stacey Lucas, a classmate and tomboy (later revealed). Rita Gilliam (Childhood friend), works at the local library.
People she dislikes: Her manager (Jenni Luc) at her part-time at the cafe, because she makes Maya wear all the short costumes. Maya doesn't really dislike anyone else but her manager but she might when I actually write up more.
About her at the Cafe: She works at the cosplay cafe "Rivera Cafe" or Cafe Rivera, which she is often seen wearing some super EPIC armour but on busier day her manager will make her wear really short almost revealing outfits to entertain some costumers. Maya has no idea why she is still working there. Somehow working at the cafe she has managed to get a small fanbase. The Rivera Cafe often has a stall at gaming and comic convention and Maya always ends up with the short end of the stick because her manager is super shifty. Maya earns a pretty decent wage. Maya has a crush on one of the cooks there.

About Her work as an Agent: During most night Maya works as a Spy/ Agent for the "The Spectre", she doesn't kill anyone only the "shadows" do that, )which they are seen in the manga, the people wearing the long black cloaks.) Maya collecting information on the "DARK" (which is soon later revealed.)

About Her Performing Art College:
She is in Year 3 acting and singing. Maya does acting and singing classes three days a week, from 6:30 am to 5 pm. Most of the time they are preparing for upcoming plays. She helps out with costume making because most of the time they are short on staff which often leads to missing work at the cafe giving her manager a reason to dress her up in short outfits.

Don't forget to read my manga (in need of updating page)

I'll be uploading more concept art a little later but still working on those commissions and request and etc =]

Maya Winterfields © :iconwitchgirl117:
The Spectre © :iconwitchgirl117:
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deathandpaincollides Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2010
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deathandpaincollides Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2010
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